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About Us


St. Thomas Day School was established in 1959 serving families in Columbus, Georgia and surrounding communities.  The Preschool fully prepares children for a successful transition to elementary education.  St. Thomas instills in students a passion for learning and attending school through its established program of captivated learning.  

At the heart of St. Thomas’ program is its extraordinary and dedicated staff.  Children at St. Thomas experience individualized instruction and attention.   From the Director to teachers and enrichment instructors, the St. Thomas staff creates an atmosphere of Christian love and encouragement.  Our well-trained staff provides a schedule of daily educational activities designed to stimulate each child’s growth at each stage of development.  We support our teachers with all necessary training and encourage them to continue to grow professionally.


St. Thomas Day School is a Christian school affiliated with St. Thomas Episcopal Church and is governed by the Day School Board.  The Board consists of representatives from the church and school.  The Board meets regularly to discuss current happenings of the school, as well as to conduct strategic planning to continue the ongoing success and development of St. Thomas Day School.   

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